Travel Hokkaido more freely

What is VARI-CAB?

Short for Variation-Cabin, this is the name of our service to provide comfortable transport for customers by offering diverse vehicles to accommodate a variety of changing situations. We will support you with a full-featured system capable of accommodating small groups as well as large-scale transport, and people with disabilities. Please by all means take advantage of VARI-CAB.

What kind of trip are you planning?

  • Custom trip for a small group


    • Flexible Hokkaido trip for 5-7 people
    • I also want to transport skis and snowboards


  • Trip for a large group of 10 or more


    • Bus charter for group travel
    • Questions about travel itinerary
    • Use for a company or school event


*Internet reservation can only Car Service. Please send e-mail from here about Chartered Bus service

Suitable for wide range of applications

  • Strong record in assisting location shoots in Hokkaido and chauffeuring artists

  • Enjoy a Hokkaido drive that only a veteran driver can provide.

  • Also suitable for company trip, sports expedition or sports camp.

Please contact us to get started. We can satisfy all kinds of requests.

  • 01

    Can I rent a child seat?

    OK! You can add it as an option. Please ask for it when booking.
  • 02

    I want to use WiFi in the vehicle!

    OK! You can add it as an option. Please ask for it when booking.
  • 03

    I want advice on sightseeing spots, etc.

    OK! Our experienced drivers will offer suitable suggestions!
  • 04

    I want a driver who speaks English.

    OK! We have English-speaking drivers on staff. Please ask for one when booking.