Message from the President

To be the preferred chartered bus company for customers, we incor-porate state of the art advanced safety technology. We introduce the latest, safest buses, and work hard to train knowledgeable and experienceddrivers. We spare no effort in accident prevention measures, educational training, and maintaining compliance, and we work hard every day to improve our transport services with safety and reliability as our unwavering mission. Our employees work as one to provide transportation services based on our business philosophy to ensure customers enjoy a comfortable bus trip.
Makoto Kimura Representative & President

Company Outline

Company Name Hokuto Burial Service Co., Ltd.
Established August 26, 1983
Capital Stock 12 million yen
Head Office
4-1-10 Chuo 3 Jo, Shiraishi Ward, Sapporo 003-0013
TEL 011-813-0880
FAX 011-815-5787

Representative Makoto Kimura
Employees 76
Business Activities General Chartered Passenger Bus Business Hokkaido License Class 1 No. 791 (Chartered Buses) General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Hokkaido License Class 2 No. 159 (Taxis) General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Hokkaido License Class 2 No. 390(Accessible Taxis) Hokkaido Governor Registered Tour Business No. 3-551
An affiliated organization Hokkaido Bus Association Member
Sapporo Area Hire Association Member
Member Organizations All Nippon Travel Agents Association Member

Company History

1983 Established Hokuto Burial Service Co., Ltd. Started hearse transport business
1999 General Passenger Transport Business
Received license to transport patients, etc., and started business
1999 General Chartered Vehicle Transport Business
Received license for chartered bus service and started business
1999 Started “Variation-Cabin” (VARI-CAB) as a tourism business
2000 General Passenger Transport Business (under Car Service license)
2002 General Passenger Transport Business (under Taxi license)
2008 Received tour operator registration license and started tour business
2010 Purchased business permit for 11 taxis
2016 Relocated base of taxi/car service business to Naebo-cho
Obtained Charter Bus Operator Safety Rating certification
September 2017 General Motor Truck Transport Business
April 2019 General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business(taxi business )was abolished.