About Car Service

We have prepared services for a variety of applications. For trips with friends or family, we can suggest a model based on the number of passengers, so please consult us. We have experienced drivers who can provide chauffeuring or artists to and from the airport and event venues.

Leaving the model unspecified is OK!
Please consult us about the number of passengers and luggage.

  • Family

  • Golf

  • Location Shoot

HiAce Grand Cabin

Capacity : 9 people
(Recommended : 8 people)

All seats are equipped with drink holders and storage compartments. Even with 9 passengers it can hold 9 trunk cases. It also has plenty of space for golf bags or snowboards


Capacity: 6 people
(Recommended: 2-4)

High-class minivan popular with all ages


Capacity : 6 people
(Recommended : 2-4 people)

Roomy seats give lots of space for as many as 5 people.