Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1 Personal Information Protection Regulations

The Company complies with privacy laws and all other related laws and guidelines, etc. We comply with the Act on Personal Information Protection (Act 57, 2003).

2 Personal Information Handling, Collection, Provision, etc.

The Company performs the collection, use, and provision, etc., of personal information lawfully and appropriately within the extent necessary for our business.

3Personal Information Security Control Measures

The Company manages personal information strictly, and takes security measures and safety management measures against unauthorized access, loss, damage, and tampering, etc.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information refers to the information regarding a specific individual which can be used to identify the specific individual by using the name, mailing address, email address, access log, other descriptions, individually assigned numbers or codes, or any other codes, images, or audio recordings contained in the data (This includes information which cannot be used alone to identify an individual, but can be easily compared with other information to identify an individual.).

Personal information is collected so that Hokuto Burial Service Co., Ltd. and CABIN GROUP can perform chartered bus and taxi booking over the Internet, as well as to display information to users, and provide the most appropriate information based on the individual’s desires.

As a general rule, we will not disclose user personal information to anyone without the user’s permission, except to partners and affiliates who have signed a confidentiality agreement. However, personal information may be disclosed in the following situations.

• Large buses
• Mid-size buses
• Our company determines that the user has caused damage to a third party company
• A court of law, public prosecutor’s office, police agency, bar association, consumer center, or an agency authorized by one of these organizations demands the disclosure of information provided by the user
• The customer is referred to another bus company when making travel arrangements